Get Reading Today

Everyone has the right to read: exercise yours today!

Reading is something that we all do on a day-to-day basis, but the question is, are we reading to our best ability?

Literacy has improved dramatically over the last century, but the UK is far from completely literate at this point in time. Since wide-spread illiteracy was first discovered in the 1960s, the UK government has been committed to providing illiterate adults with opportunity to learn how to read, so they can better improve their opportunities in life. Although a lot has been done to improve adult literacy over the decades since this discovery, the estimated number of illiterate adults living in the UK is still shocking.

Roughly five million adults in the UK are estimated to be functionally illiterate. These adults will have the ability to read straight forward texts of a limited length and they will usually be aided by subject matter that they are familiar with – however, their limited reading knowledge will make them unable to pass an English GCSE exam, making their standard significantly lower than that of the average 11-year old child.

We here at the Reading Community Welfare Rights Unit believe that people are better when they can read. Reading is the gateway to knowledge – although some might struggle with learning difficulties or other disabilities, there should always be a way to improve an individual’s reading ability and therefore their life.

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