Broaden Your Reading Horizons: Texts Online

Read something different today!

As much as we here at RCWRU believe firmly in the power of literature, it can often be hard to get people excited about it.

In truth, although novels are arguably one of the best way to get excited about reading, there are loads of other forms and structures that you can read the written language in. The more forms and structures that you learn how to read in, the stronger the reader you will become. When you attempt to read a new kind of text you are exercising your mind, teaching it how to get to grips with a new way of thinking. Most of the time, you’re also forced to learn new terminology and vocabulary, which is always useful.

Free Plays & Poetry

We’ve already discussed how you can get hold of classic pieces of literature online for absolutely nothing, but did you know you can do the same for plays and poetry too? Sites like All Poetry host a huge collection of poems for free giving you the opportunity to get a handle on centuries of poetry, both classic and modern. The Online Library of Liberty is also a great resource for those looking to expand their reading base into different parts of history.

Government White Papers & Laws

Have you ever attempted to read any laws or constitutions? Whilst these kinds of texts can be amongst the most obtuse in the English language, deciphering their meaning can prove to be a satisfying challenge for advanced readers. You’ll be able to access every single law and amendment at – it might take a while for you to get your head around the terminology, so be prepared with a dictionary!

Niche Websites

The internet is literally littered with quality content that runs the whole gamut of human knowledge. It doesn’t matter what subject you’re looking to read on whether it’s plumbing, micro-climates or origami – you can guarantee that there’s a website out there which can fill you in on a new area of discussion that you might have never considered before.

Encyclopaedia Entries

Whilst Wikipedia might not be theĀ most reliable source of information, it nevertheless hides a treasure trove of information on every conceivable topic in the world. You can literally spend hours shifting from one topic to the next, seamlessly drifting through the reams of user-generated content that is added to the site on a daily basis by a community of budding archivists.

Long-Form Articles

Whilst newspaper circulation seems to be getting smaller every year, the reading of long-form non-fiction articles has been steadily growing in popularity, thanks to readers eagerly sharing them through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Whether it’s an opinion piece on a particularly tricky topic of current affairs or a review of a new art exhibition, these articles require the reader to invest more time and concentration in order to benefit from reading them.

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